Friday, December 22, 2006

not quite loving to hate

I've finally released my binds to one of the worst classes I could ever imagine. I might burn the notebook, which I hardly used, and video tape it. If I had a camera of my own I would definitely do it. I would say 5% of that class tested your ability to think a problem through, your thought-process, your analytical abilities, etc.

Check that.

Quite an embarrassment to the university system and very disrespectful to all the students who just wasted a shitload of man and woman-hours on that sorry excuse for teaching/learning.

A keg sits on my porch, unempty; a personal vendetta requires I, the sole occupant of my 7-person house this night, finish it. Wouldn't want it to be too heavy to return

Oh yea, in the unending hilarity of my finals schedules, in 5 hours yet another test awaits my exemplary effort.



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