Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The answer, and the number of new members entering AIESEC - Madison this semester. My job is to make sure they come back next semester, which I think we can do... if I don't first get arrested or punch a gaping whole through someone's face. Or both.

Our management structure will have to change a bit, and more responsibility will now sit on those outside of defined leadership roles. These, I think, are the most critical people. They're the underbelly of the beast; making it either as hard as its outer shell or soft and juicy. Make or break. Do what you say you will do.

So let us craft.



Blogger Katy said...


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Blogger Denver said...

What is the meaning of life? 42

You can do it. Remember. Leadership isn't so much about effective management, but building and supporting the growth of others into capable leaders. Being willing to step back, and trust that they will do their best. Be a positive model for those to emulate.


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Blogger Preston said...

You shall come to find that, iffen you nurture them well, the best thing that you'll have done for your LC will be enabling and empowering those outside regular leadership roles. Then your LC becomes an LC of leaders. It's GT's recipe for success.

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Blogger Mix said...

I tend to group leadership and management together and sometimes use them interchangeably, for better or worse. It is in the sense that you can't build an effective LC if you are missing either of them. Much of our leadership's (the 'leaders' of the LC) philosphy revolves around building a flat org that could have any number of individuals fill a defined 'leadership role.' This is done through those things you've mentioned.

But at this point, many people must become enablers. Those who may not consider themself a leader within our structure now must be one, and perhaps more than just a leader, but also a mentor. Actually, the definitely must do that. It is now absolutely crucial that this is ingrained into the conscience of many more people than previously required.

It becomes difficult as an individual because there is always one more person, one more brain to try to pique and touch. Stopping begs the "what if?" but never stopping burns one out. A paradox of sorts.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Mix said...

And I used 42 because one person backed out.

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