Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Walking to class today I had Like a Prayer stuck in my head. At that point, the weekend felt truly over, the circle had come in gone in full. But let's not start with the end, let's start with the beginning.

A while back when I noticed Bruha's birthday was near a weekend, I asked him what he'd like to do on such a momentous occasion. He said he wanted to go to Kansas. I said "OK, anything for you" and made arrangements.

Mix Master knows of few other groups who can throw down like the Kansans did, which was all the way. Definitely no other LC could maintain like that. Equally impressive was the Hookah bar, Arab music videos and all. One does not expect that out of Lawrence, Kansas. It was nice to make such a drive and have such a quality reception. It isn't so often we roll into someone's house and don't get evicted or many, many dirty glares by trip's end via unimpressed roommates or unappreciative friends. Thank you all for letting us live our lives like this in peace. It was a glorious flock indeed.

Good friends, a few new hands on the Ship of Wondering Souls, and shisha in the car; Mix can't ask for much more.

Pictures will be up soon. There are many mini stories to be told, one being my successful quest proving you can survive 36 hours purely on shisha, rum, doritos, and optimism. The quest would have been longer had it not been for that shiny, enticing 2LB can of peaches. See you in the Promised Land.



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