Wednesday, June 20, 2007

turning gears

The struggle to feel accomplished at the end of every day continues. Alas, if it ain't this it is that.

Mallory brings us this gem from Denmark:

Check out the community blog we set up for our members currently abroad; what a great stream of hilarity.

As always, last night I started looking towards the ending of my next stage, namely the end of my time in Malaysia (Sept 2008). As I slowly toss around some adventuresome ideas of grande scale, a few words from this blog came to mind:

On the way home we hopped on the wrong train and got a little lost, which is a must if you ever travel. (O'Malley)

Well said.

And Seth Godin finally gets it with The Vibe and comments on something I've been pondering as of late.

Once juploadr gets compatibility with zooomr I will have much visuals to soothe your teary eyes.

Yesterday was my first attempt to sell a HoboHookah to a vendor. He shook hands much like I envision Cinderella doing so. I got rejected, but followed it up with a delicious lunch.



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