Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Journey

Days of closing the Full Circle wrapped up the College chapter of my life. The last house I laid to rest and, ultimately, left to go Home, was the house where my life really came together and flowered in Madison; the blue diamond on Gilman Street. On the way to the airport, we passed exits for Golf Road in northern Chicago, where the first memories of my life begin and, for now, my last memories of the US end. At the airport, I passed by a tech teacher from high school who cultivated my unending interest in electronics and electronic technology. I was caught surprised to see him walking by, blinked, and he was gone. I had a plane to catch.

In Tapei I mis-understood the tiny girl and the price tags and dropped 63 euros on some Johnny Walker Green and Glenfiddich, thinking I was being a hero and spending only 20US. But hey, the Hobo will look great atop those ship wreckers.

The stewardess on the Tapei-Kuala Lumpur flight sent out serious vibes until, after being woken up somewhat quickly (probably due to her nervousness over impressing me) I told her yes, I ordered the fruit plate, of which there was only one and it was for the dude behind me. This was discovered several delicious fruits in. She then played hard to get, but I played it cool. I told her I dug her aqua skirt I mean uniform.

I got to the MindValley office about 30 hours after leaving my house. They asked and I said yes, we can start orientation today, after lunch. The night ended with no one accepting my offer to stay up another few hours and watch the sun rise. I guess I've got some teaching to do on Living The...

I asked a guy if his cafe served hookahs. After several strained minutes, it was decided he couldn't tell me where to find strippers. As it would be, his shop did serve shisha. Later I decided he didn't work there, he had just been standing by the entrance for air. Drinking here is very expensive. Local rum here I come.

How's Malaysia? Delicious.
The Malaysian past time, so far as I can tell through observation and conversation, is eating, which is cool. The mix of Malay, Chinese, Thai, Indian, et al foods provides an unending desire to get another meal. Most inquiries into typical nights out, or typical anything, include food as a main event. My first real ramen noodle experience today was pot-of-gold blue-ribbon-winner extraterrestrially orgasmic. I stopped for a while in the middle to just lean back, close my eyes, and let the warm feeling flow throughout my body, culminating in my loins. I then went at the food a little more aggressively.

KL, as the locals and most everyone else call it, is somewhere in between the gentle, generally more quiet atmosphere of a US city and the Loud, chaotic feel of Cairo. I feel good, yet still a bit out of place; that feeling you have of still needing to find your niche. I feel it not because I'm outside the US, but because I'm abroad and not in Cairo. It is a strange feeling, one I'm still wrapping my head around. Yet, I can already tell my time here will be solid. The Dream continues.

My apartment has a pool. Thus far I've seen two advertisements/signs referring to Living the Dream.



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