Sunday, September 23, 2007

On dairy, doorways, and drinking

Dairy products are the only things giving my stomach a run for its money. Call me prissy, but I guess my quality bar has risen a bit too high for some cows. Alas. And by the way, $6 per pound of your shitty cheese is ridiculous (I'm looking at you, Netherlands).

When walking through a gateway to another room, i.e. a doorway, check yourself for a change in altitude. It is often unmarked and can take down even a giant.

Clubs here charge substantially more for, I'll use this term loosely: delicious bevvies than even the nicer places in Madison, approaching NYC levels. But, even the bartenders at a venue like Zouk can crack under a little bargaining pressure (margarita pitcher with 1.75X the alcohol). Be sure to hold your money until the last possible moment, after services have been rendered. You hold more power that way.



Blogger LittleChina said...

Hi :)

Hope you are enjoying Malaysia, we're lucky to have you around Asia. I'm in Melbourne at the moment, if you intend to visit Australia please drop me a line. What's your email add/ phone?

7:19 AM  
Blogger meesh said...

Hah. Delicious bevvies? :P The Margaritas are Zouk are pitiful though :( Here's a tip buy lots of alcohol from 7-Eleven, or hoard bottles when you travel, or go to liquor stores in Brickfields and get it cheap, drink in your car outside the bar, and then order one beer, cos you're already shit-faced :D

Welcome to Malaysia where the drinks cost an arm and a leg and the women are better looking than the men.


See you soon HoboHookah Mike. When is the next drink/smoke session? Hmmm?

Michelle Gunaselan/meesh

10:22 PM  

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