Friday, September 21, 2007

When you have too many web browser windows to manage: a simple tip

At any given time at work, I have about 20 different web browser windows open (or in my case, tabs, slightly organized - as you'll soon see). I've got a couple email accounts, a few internal company resources I often refer to, a window or two of whatever I'm working on, and then stuff "I need to get to."

How does one organize all this (mostly) garbage?

To start off, I break stuff into categories. Each Window (instance of Firefox I can click on from my Windows Task Bar on the bottom of my screen) is a category, so I have
1. One for personal stuff - email, RSS Reader, nomadlife (on occasion)
2. From here I break each window into a 'task' at work so it looks like this:
A. Task One (usually the blogging responsibilities I have - the tabs in this window have the resources I need to reference in my writing as well as the blog page, so I can easily refresh and see what it looks like.
B. Product Development - I am revamping one of the company products, so I have several tabs in this 3rd window related to that.

I usually have 3 windows of Firefox, each with several tabs in it. Next logical question you are hopefully asking: How do I organize the tabs?

Good Q!

The tabs furthest to the left are the most "permanent" tabs. So, in my personal tab, email is furthest to the left. Bloglines usually follows that, since I occasionally use pleasure reading to re-energize myself during the day. In my work-blogging tab, I have email furthest to the left, then the blog home page just to the right of that. Then, I have my most important to least important reference resources, descending in importance to the right. This tells me which articles/blogs I should be most astute at referencing in my own blog posts.

It also tells me which tabs I can, without too much worry, blindly and quickly close if I feel myself breaking down because of having too many total Firefox tabs to choose from.

There, I just saved you 30 minutes per 8 hour power session.
But, In a perfect world you of course check your email only 2-3 times a day, focus extremely intently on only your most important tasks during peak performance hours, and never check nomadlife until Play Time.

Not enough? Get more at LifeHacker, I guess.



Blogger Katy said...

this conversation seems slighty familiar to me- though i don't think we were able to get to the 'being organized part.'

"i think i use tabs?"
"do you have tabs or windows katy"
"idk. i have firefox?"

7:28 PM  

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