Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What is and is not the Workout Dream

If the casual observer wasn't fooled, he or she might think Mix is in a regular workout routine. Savvy?

There have been a series of firsts throughout my short tenure in the healthy(er) life. Like the first day I went, I got really sick, and was sick for 4 days afterwards. It may have been the ungodly hour of 730am that I was there, it may have been the food the night before, we'll never know.

The 2nd time I went I had another delight between sets - two people engaging in a 10 minute dance off. Is it important to note that they were employees? I can't decide.

My third or fourth visit had more dancers. This time, in between sets, 2 dudes would look at themselves in the mirror and practice dance moves. They did not put their weights back. Note: one or both of them might be dance instructors. If true, the one guy is really, really annoying to listen to.

And then tonight, where I have cemented my affinity for crossfit. I'm not one much for programs, but the daily workouts they post are quite different from my norm, and their work-out philosophy seems well scienced and thought out. I dig it. Read their thoughts on fitness to get an idea of it.

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Blogger kjentzen said...

did you really just post a link to a gym blog? really? you have changed so much

9:46 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

please keep going

and please bring a camera with you next time

you don't have to work out while you are there, but you DO have to get the next dance-off on tape.

4:04 PM  

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