Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breakfast Mentos, Pitcher Equivalents

Several times now, just as I've gotten up to leave the house, it has started pouring outside. Literally, as I stand up, the rain sits my anus back down. So I'm eating Mentos for breakfast at 3pm.

I've yet to figure out what the Malaysian equivalent for my Happy Hour is. More specifically, what their equivalent for "let's go grab a pitcher" is. I have definitely been conditioned for this, but the Pitcher Venture is quite special. It's low commitment; you can always bail after that pitcher, but it also leaves open the chance for a longer exchange of dialogue, adventure, and regrettable decisions. This is why it's beautiful.

Here, the closest equivalent I've seen so far is just grabbing a meal. Shisha used to be popular, but isn't as prevalent anymore, and 1 mug of beer at a bar generally costs as much as 1.5 - 2 meals... so that leaves looking to food and tea for the backdrop of a post-work, low pressure hangout. In Egypt, while it was higher commitment (shishas last longer than a pitcher), you could always use the shisha as the tool for inviting a conversation.

"Hey, wanna go grab a Mango Lassi and better get to know each other?"

Not the same.

Maybe I just haven't found it yet.



Blogger Brian Burke said...

maybe you just need to start your own brewery.

2:17 AM  

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