Sunday, November 11, 2007

Internal Blog

Perspective is worth a lot more than it costs. (Seth Godin on internal blogs)

One of things I never rallied hard enough for (within the org) was a strictly internal blog system. I was there for the initial conversations, and God knows what document it's been lost under now. I should have kept it as a paper weight, not a paper.

The persistent inability for crucial decision-making contexts, results, and reasonings to be transferred from one generation to the next amazes me. That, and the fact that so little was/is done to address it. In a culture so deeply rooted in centrality at the moment, there still is no easily accessible place to go for research and learning.

Where would I be writing this if such a system existed? How many more targeted, thoughtful, and interested minds would see this? How easy would it be to voice thoughts and catalyze them if there was a dedicated space for it?

Instead I write this here, causing confusion for those who can't understand my indirect references as I hold back proper nouns.

Doing nothing will never fix it. Starting such a 'system' would start to fix it. Innovating on this system would/could finish fixing it.

Which step do you think is the hardest?

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Blogger Dody G. said...

Seth Godin is about 5 years late on this issue. Google for K-Log - there are exhaustive analysis and information about K-Log back from 5 years ago by the pioneers.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Mix said...

I'm not sure if he was talking about k-logs per se. My take on his article was that it would benefit an individual/group to track their progress through a blog. I could be wrong.

And so I have taken it another step, in that I think this could be adapted to an internal system. It would be great if a simple blog was added to a prominent place in each person's profile. Add in the ability to link to others' blogs and basic mark-up and it might catch on. I would have used it profusely. Maybe I'm an extreme case, though.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Preston said...

What about when the new global virtual platform goes live in December? It is user-centric, not database-ish like the old one was, and so there will be such linking of blogs. Also it has interlinkable wikis. We're going to make it a matter of process and course in Atlanta to use it all.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Arcadiy said...

(a) You seem to read a number of the same blogs I do.
(b) Originality is not really Seth Godin's forte. It's presenting insights into pretty simple concepts and trends that suddenly make them clear to you. At least in my opinion.
(c) The blog is a good, but not perfect means of internal communication. I fully believe it would be a wise and positive step for the group, but it is only the first along the path to transparency, collaboration and trust building. Frankly, I feel the core of the group is too misdirected for this to happen.

4:55 PM  

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