Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Work Round Up

After this meager attempt at shedding some work-life illumination, I thought I'd comment a little further on my day time activities here.

The company I work for is experiencing very quick, very exciting growth at this time (they've at least doubled in size since I was hired back in May). It isn't a place for the faint of heart; you get real, serious responsibility and are expected to act accordingly. We operate on more of a shoot-then-aim mentality, which is considerably different (and refreshing) than my previous activities. The focus here is on testing your way to the best results, instead of pointlessly debating with assumptions and gut-feelings instead of hard data.

So I still have numbers in my life, but in the form of conversion rates, open rates, traffic numbers, and revenue/profit analysis. Which is nice.

I am project manager for this site, meaning I drive and coordinate (as well as try to come up with) all innovations, which include a recent and pretty successful Thanksgiving promotion and more importantly a complete redesign of the positioning, approach, and main product offering. This puts me front and center in a Creation Process, a place I cherish and feared would be inaccessible at this point in my career. Hark.

On top of that, I blog here (serious) and here (less serious) and also have a "specialist" role as a copywriter. What this means is I work on micro-projects for other websites. If I (or someone else) think of or see an interesting business model executed on another site, I might try to test it on one of our sites.

What this involves is figuring out exactly what their model is, writing the sales copy (i.e. the text on the web page with the offer), then creating the means of getting people to that offer (usually this is writing the email pitch to get targeted traffic to that web page).

Yes, I write a lot now. Figures. But it is extremely relevant for my hookah activities and future goals.

I work with very accomplished people. I used to sit next to Khailee, who recently invented BunchOut, a pretty cool website I recommend checking out. You can check his blog for the several other gigs he has started. One of our designers has a site here. I also hang out with this guy, who shares an affinity for good shisha. My roommates also have blogs. And that's just a few. It's a pretty solid group of people, by far the most concentrated pool of hard talent I've maybe ever been around, and a pretty fun group as well.

So my professional life has made a very strong start. Much of my learning here could be easily transferred to a fairly lucrative consulting side-gig upon my return home, which is nice, and my education is finally strongly coinciding with my interests, which was a long-awaited development.

And having a boss that likes to party is pretty rad as well:



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