Saturday, January 05, 2008

What I learned from chipping a tooth and cutting my tongue and lip

1. Your tongue is surprisingly crucial to grooming
A. An injured tongue makes it harder to
1. keep stuff from dripping down your chin
2. get food bits out of your gums, from in between your teeth, out of the
craters of each tooth
3. lick a drop of food or drink off your lips/hand/arm
B. Without tongues we would consume much more paper due to increased napkin usage

2. Immediately after injuring your tongues is tough and painful, but the hardest part is 2 - 3 days later when it is partially healed. You try to talk as if it was healed, but it often reminds you it isn't yet 100%. The increased size due to the healing process also makes you bite it more often, too.

3. Acute changes to your mouth structure are incredibly easy to detect when they happen quickly, yet the magnitude of the change is nearly impossible to determine without help from your eyes.

4. 36 hours after the injury I could slowly eat most foods; a testament to the regenerative abilities of tongues.

5. The lower portion of your lips (the red part of mine) heal even faster due to the high blood flow through the region. Upper lips aren't as skilled in the arts of healing.

6. The outside of your teeth are covered with Dentyne (?), which makes them less sensitive. The inside structure of your teeth don't have this, and so are much more susceptible to hot/cold stimuli... making the consumption of food a bit more exciting.

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I would love to hear that story...

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