Friday, February 01, 2008

The Take-Aways

Here's what I've taken away from our discussion. You may or may not agree, but that's ok. I think we made some progress that can now be finished in the offline world.

1. Hero is right I think; there may not need to be a huge number recruited to maintain the pipeline, due to the increased speed of member-development and longer average lifespan of members (can these be measured? Or at least roughly measured to find out if that's actually true or not?).

However, when making decisions, don't let your vision just encompass this semester; be thinking at least 3 years ahead. Don't want to put future babies up a creek with no paddle and a bear creeping up.

2. As such, make sure you know exactly how a 1-semester slow-down in recruitment will fit into your overall impact-expansion strategy. Keep the eye on the prize.

3. The "give meaningful work & follow up" model of development might need to be re-taught or re-emphasized to managers and leaders.

4. Start working relentlessly on constructing the structures necessary to make this work (like increasing average output from each individual member), and uniting around the vision (which we first set 1 year ago and needs to be followed up on).

5. This encompasses much more than a member-number game, and we acknowledge that, but let's also not forget that bigger probably is better.

6. MP called me condescending, but I still like him. And miss him.

7. Take the rest internal, figure it out, and blow shit up.

Thanks for the conversation. That was exciting, kinda.

Blog your take-aways or leave them in the comments, it'd be nice to have a few summary conclusions from others and for others to take with them. It's a good mental exercise as well.



Blogger Sara said...

Here are some of my key takeaways:

1. Everyone seems to be much more on the same page than I originally thought.

2. Everyone agrees that the LC needs to come together around a common vision and build upon the conversation that was started in January 2007.

3. Everyone agrees that a feeling of community is important. What is necessary for that feeling needs to be discussed and agreed upon amongst those in the LC.

4. Everyone agrees that the structure will need to constantly adapt to accommodate the LC's realities. Some good ol' AIESEC Madison brilliance and brainstorming is in order. Many good and bad ideas will likely be thrown into the mix, and from that a structure that will help you reach your vision will emerge.

5. I'm confident that the LC will come together and reach a common ground, and am excited to watch you all created something greater than I could ever imagine.

2:38 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

Here are my take-with-me's from our online 'journey' togeth

1.We agree that it’s crucial for us to have a common vision, in order to function as a LC and work towards the goals that we set for ourselves.

2.We agree that a sense of community is necessary for our LC and for the development of its members as leaders.

3.We agree that member integration into AIESEC is necessary to form a community. This integration has social aspects, but more importantly a member must feel part of meaningful work, and then feel empowered to be a leader.

4.Our current structure is not meeting the needs of our LC. GMMS and Functional teams are below par at the moment, and need to be restructured to ensure they are not a waste of time for members, are contributing to the development of the members, and are more efficiently executing the work that we do.

5.No one wants to hinder the pipeline for leaders with unhealthy recruitments for the LC, but we still need to decide what an unhealthy recruitment looks like.
We need to agree as an LC if one ‘slow’ recruitment will a) send mix signals to the student body on what time of organization we are b) jeopardize the LC’s ability to sustain itself in the next few years and work towards our shared vision c) make it more difficult for new members of a smaller ‘recruitment class’ to integrate themselves, than if they were part of a large recruitment class.

6.If Adam and I have different visions, it sure is nicer to be on the same continent having those different visions after over a year of not…being on the same continent.

7.I know that we will not only just ‘be okay’ but in working through these problems we will create a stronger LC and raise the bar higher once again, on what it means to be AIESEC Madison.

6:28 PM  
Blogger T-rent said...

And mine:

1) While I may be in the minority, Peanut Butter is better without jelly.

2) Not everything is about being trendy and ridiculously good looking.

3) While traveling in the dark, late at night, its a good idea to have a hand full of rocks in your pocket, to scare off ferral dogs.

2:18 PM  
Blogger mp said...

glad i could be there to sling some adjectives.

4:30 PM  
Blogger dturk said...

1. It was cold outside and you could tell from the bra

2. modeling of consumer behaviour in relation to financial risk is quite easy. if you give people money they will take it and dont really worry about paying it back.

3. the worlds problems are hard to solve. optimisim was never the answer and will never be the answer.

4.if you havent yet read madness of crowds or the art of war or much better both. will give you a better sense of gold member development.

10:59 PM  

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