Monday, April 07, 2008

Momentum vs Mementum

You may have noticed a downturn in my blogging. This is why.

The world doesn't need more momentum. We have too much of that already. Just look at the Straight Talk Express.

What the world needs is more Mementum.

What is Mementum?

Mementum is about ideas, but not confined to them.

It's ideas that matter and move. It's Global Warming and profit potential in the same sentence. It's empowering democracy with youth entrepreneurship skills but without the Land Rovers.

Ideas with weight and velocity have mementum. That's ideas that hold meaning, and can spread. And are worth spreading.

Numa Numa spreads, but doesn't matter. Sustainability has meaning but isn't spreading. Items like these will never last - will never build Mementum - until they have both.

Useless information has momentum. How many ads have you looked at today? Clamoring for your attention are 30 second jingles, 6 times per commercial (or die) name drops, and as-yet-undecipherable color schemes that "build brand value."

Each and every hour of each and every day you are bombarded with marketing messages everywhere you go, new information every where you look, and new requests every friend you meet. The rate you're assaulted with these interactions requires your mind to move ever increasingly faster, should you wish to keep up.

How many different applications and browser windows do you have open right now?

Your mind is literally racing. All the time. Every time. Always ON. Our economy and society is leading ever increasingly toward the 24/7 internet-based lifestyle.

The Mementous ideas, the ones that matter and move and change something, are no longer about pushing you faster, harder, or higher.

They're about making you stop.

Stopping to think.
Stopping to consider.
Stopping so that, for once, you can act.

On something that matters.

Mementum starts when you stop.

And then it builds from there.

And so it is with this preface that I stop, so that I can build from there:


Blogger BradyDale said...

6 browser windows and 5 applications.
You're good at coming up with fun questions.

I definitely am trying very actively to focus, focus, focus. My mind was a random spitfire of ideas there for a long time and wasn't doing anyone much good. Now, I'm trying to zoom in on the stuff that really matters.

1:32 PM  
Blogger syd said...

this is exactly what i needed to hear.

3:06 PM  

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