Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A 30 day departure

I saw Janne off to the express train a few hours ago, reveling in that rare delight of knowing you just parted ways with an extraordinary human.

With his departure, only 2/3 of the Achievers Club remains. Though it remains unclear when our next always-revolutionary conversation will unfold, considerations and musings from past mutual meditations should hold my mind for quite some time.

But I will still miss it.

My generation of comrades here have begun relocating, and good-byes yet remain. I've begun what I hope will emulate the slow jam in The Wheel, from which I insha'allah will seamlessly transition into a total rock-out of a 6 week Pan-Asian jam session.

The more I've learned here, the more I've had to admit I don't know. I worry not about leaving. I worry about arriving.



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