Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 things

If I were at the helm, I would be spending most of my time investigating how to be more different, nor more similar to everything else out there. Re-Find what it is I'd want to stand for, and stand for it.

The next order of business would be eliminating the stunningly slow motion, "my bare hands are stiff from 6 hours in the snow way" that it operates. It is not an 8000 pound elephant, so don't act like one.

Sure, easier said than done.

And lastly, the idea and entire organization as a whole is a distributed network of hubs. No reason you can't create a distributed network of evangelists to push the growth forward. At its heart, this is a human to human, one by one organization. I think that was temporarily forgotten.

Let's not forget it again. In fact, let's embrace it.



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