Sunday, September 14, 2008

During a moment of breath

September the 3rd at 4:58pm in an empty food shop with a ton of flies.

He sets down a Pepsi and fails to acknowledge that I ordered a Coke; I decide to do the same.

The Pad Thai looks unlike any other Pad Thai I've ever eaten (and I WAS just here a month ago), but approval morphing into Fandom takes only as long as the 1st bite.

Buses nonchalantly roll by and I wonder if that English drag queen was on any of them. She found me just as I was losing her to ethnic confusion. But of course, she was British; they always are. Anyone over 35 dragging a suitcase in a 3rd world country is always British, in my experience. I shouldn't be surprised anymore.

Her accent was neither comforting nor agitating as she replayed her perilous tale of requesting the bus station but receiving a travel agency as the driver's destination of choice. The F-bomb is dropped at least once, quietly, aggressively, and not by me.

I forget that I've only just arrived and tell her Yes, I'm pretty sure you just take a left down there and within a block or two should see what looks like a bus station.

To the right? Not sure, but I know I saw a bus to the left.

She pulls her suitcase left.

Within the next 10 minutes, three buses come from the right.

The Pepsi is delicious. The man is nice...



Blogger kjentzen said...

thats funny. just by reading this i perfectly imagine the expression on your face as this whole things unfolds.


3:34 PM  

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