Thursday, October 23, 2008


I remember reading a post by T-rent in 2005 about how he'd adoped a "Get it Done" philosophy at his Egyo Coke job. I'd link to the post but he has no archive section for me to peruse.

The post struck harmony with my vibes and I've often mentally come back to it since then.

I've recently doubled down my commitment to that mantra, as I sit here in FDL, USA and work to get my latest venture off the ground.


Let me update.

I realized towards the end of my MindValley stint that no matter how sweet the job, I can't work for someone else. I need direct ownership and assumed risk of whatever I do. 

So after deciding I wouldn't extend the Malaysia dream, I refused to job search in anticipation of my Jamerica return. I knew I'd have to break off on my own.

And that's what I'm doing. By early December I'll be at the helm of my second company, this one focused on internet marketing freelance and consulting work. I'll be moving to New York City to explore the center of the universe and keep the fire under my entrepreneurial ass.

When you have little money and are scratching to build your own niche of an empire, you might as well move to the most expensive city possible.

And thus, the success of Mix Master over the very short term is completely up to Mix Master. And herein lies the importance of the GID Mantra. Looking down at the initial to-do list, it would've been easy to feel overwhelmed.

That would be an early defeat.

Instead, it's GID. Get short term health insurance. Put together work samples and a portfolio. Rebirth the blog. Refine professional profiles and rep on crucial networks. Incorporate the business to solidify street cred.

Using GID, I'll be actively seeking clients by Monday morning, 8.1 days after returning to America...


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