Friday, December 12, 2008

Ships, Pirate and Rocket in Nature

When I was in AIESEC, I'd often fantasize about getting to hang out with my conference friends on a regular basis. The amount of awesomeness that they'd pack into a weekend, night, or road trip was not 1 iota away from forcefully blowing brain out of my nose.

Images of what we could create Out There were regular guests to my dreams and I constantly schemed (then and now) of how I could bring us all together to concentrate, create, and change.

Fortunately, I had a solid tribe in Madison that regularly gave me that urge to blow, and the cohesiveness, respect, and unforced teamwork that they displayed rests as the model I aspire to create in all endeavors now and forever.

I had never thought of my network as an asset before, largely because I was too dumb to do so. I was too caught up in it.

But, as I alluded to, if the past 2 months have taught me anything, it is that now we are There. The deep, absolute friendship, generosity, time, and invested energy that I've received has left a tangible mark on me. Asking for nothing, giving of everything; true shoulders of giants.

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