Thursday, February 05, 2009

New York

It's the place you come to either live or die, or both, depending on your propensity for self destructive pursuits and imaginative leaps.

You walk down the street seeking refuge in the faces, brick walls really, and falsly fortified, reasons to righteously declare yourself the only one who hasn't quite found it yet; the idea, the break, the girl, the bar. You carry on, smug and safe in the deception, to the next grand meeting where it's all bound to go down.

The next drink you talk about this place as if it is sentient, the host of some party who soon enough will extend you the big Invite, at which point you'll have made it; reason to magically move from some raggity, shadowy corner to the center stage of some cluster fuck complete with spot light, glitz, and glamor.



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