Thursday, May 28, 2009

A House Mix Tale

me: Black Out or Go Back Out
Sent at 6:01 PM on Thursday
Mallory: Don't really understand la pregunta
but I never blackout unless MW is in the room
just a rule
oh I guess it's more of a rule than a question, eh?
me: yes.
Mallory: hey can you transfer me MCombat?
I have an itch that needs scratching
me: ask that again
Sent at 6:06 PM on Thursday
Mallory: Can you transfer me Mortal Combat?
me: felt pretty good to say that, didn't it
Mallory: you know it
So you gonna leave me naked in the storm or you gonna help a sista out?
me: I'm still deciding
explain exactly what you will do after you receive it
Mallory: standard
me: step by step
Sent at 6:09 PM on Thursday
me: there's no way i'm scratching your itch if you don't scratch mine, too
Sent at 6:12 PM on Thursday
Mallory: While it downloads (20 minutes Bolivian time) I will go down to the Cholita on the corner store (to the right, 5 stores down) and buy 4 bottles of Boca Rica Rum and two 2.5 liter bottles of coke (grand total of 64 Bolivianos or $9.15). Return to house and get the 80's power hour DVD ready. As the folks at home make the House Mixes I will upload the song onto my ipod which I will then plug into the loud speakers. I will scream are you guys ready to rumble and blast the song and we chug along
as we chug along*
me: how big are the bottles of rum
Mallory: liter
me: why do coke's come in 2.5L sizes
Mallory: not sure
me: what song will you play after
Mallory: 2 are 7Bs and 2.5 are 8
me: or are you going to put it on repeat
Mallory: the first song on 80s is "video killed the radio star"
no it will start and end



Blogger MaL said...

8:23 PM Mallory:
second rum run? Check. Night's gonna be epic

Micheal did not receive your last message.

4:47 PM  
Blogger Katy said...

stop being lazy and start that story chain. you're making me anxious.

9:02 PM  

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