Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In the clouds VS on the ground

It is unsettling (at best) when you realize your vision of your reality doesn't match the reality of your reality. It is an easy trap to fall into: diverting your attention to what you're going to do, what you did back then, whose email address you have, even what you think you're doing right now.

What, exactly, are you doing right now?

I think that is one of the most difficult questions to answer with absolute honesty. And the hard part isn't about being honest to others; it's about being honest to yourself.

Dreaming is easy. It's the micro-steps and their aggregation that I've become most interested in: connecting the very short term to that maddeningly elusive very long term.



Blogger syd said...

sometimes one needs to take a good long moment to discover the "is" that is at the moment (way easier said than done obviously) so that they can finally let go of the "was" and more honestly focus on the "will be". thats because most of our "will be"s are based on the retrospective glorified reality of the past instead of the real of right now.

and sometimes we just need to scratch the past and future all together to get a grip on what it is to actually BE. but that is probably THE most difficult thing a human being can accomplish. there are multiple religions based solely on this almost unattainable goal, and those who do reach that goal are immortalized and worshiped, pretty much nullifying the accomplishment by focusing on and attempting to preserve the past.

good luck and let us all know about your progress :)

7:27 AM  

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